Expect the most powerful platforms and world-class expertise from IDEXX, the industry leader in veterinary diagnostics. IDEXX BioResearch is focused on providing a customized central laboratory solution to get your clinical trial results to regulatory authorities faster.

Partner with us and you can expect:

  • Access to a high-capacity pathology/laboratory services facility.
  • Experienced clinical and anatomic pathology services.
  • A dedicated project manager for the duration of your study.
  • Customized sample collection and shipping kits.
  • Experience with single-site and multi-site trials.
  • Reliable turnaround times.
  • Electronic data transfer capabilities.

Expect the best from our project managers

Our dedicated project managers will support your study from start-up to closeout. They will ensure our laboratory staff and clinical pathologists are familiar with your study protocol. Custom submission forms and sample collection kits are generated for each study to enable sites to quickly and easily collect and ship samples. Project managers also monitor turnaround times to ensure sites and sponsors consistently receive on-time results.

Expect quality results in accordance with VICH GL9 guidelines

When you partner with IDEXX BioResearch for your veterinary clinical testing needs, we will combine testing expertise from the world’s largest veterinary diagnostic laboratory, rigorously validated testing methods, and laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs) that comply with VICH GL9 guidelines to deliver the most accurate and trusted results. We welcome clients to schedule a tour of our laboratory facilities to ensure they exceed quality expectations.

Expect competitive pricing for great services

Contact your local account manager to further discover how customized IDEXX BioResearch veterinary clinical trial services can help you accelerate getting your product into the veterinary market. 

What our experts are saying

IDEXX_BioR_Mar30_16_1341 Vicky.jpg
"The expansion of our lab shows the commitment to our customer needs and allows us to further
develop specialized testing for the bioresearch community."
Vicky Schneider
National Operations Manager, Research Services

"IDEXX strives to exceed regulatory requirements to provide the level of quality that our customers expect."

Diane Yamamoto, HT, ASCP
National Quality Assurance Unit Manager