Real-time PCR

Expect a more thorough assessment of your colonies' health, with today's most sophisticated diagnostic testing.

  • Fast results—5 days or less
  • Easy sample collection (feces, cage, fur swabs and environmental samples)
  • Broader antemortem testing

For quarantine, colony, and environmental testing, get the highest degree of accuracy in the detection of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, pinworms, and fur mites with real-time PCR at IDEXX BioResearch.

Sensitive and specific, Real-time PCR partnered with Serology, allows for a more complete picture of the health status of your animals by testing samples from both colony and sentinel animals. PCR samples may be pooled, reducing costs and helping to give a broader look at the health of the colony.

Innovative technologies and expert analysis, delivering results you can trust—in just 5 days or less

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