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December 3rd, 2014
The Radil Advantage Program

Discover a better way to do Animal Health Monitoring and Quarantine Testing.  Introduced at AALAS in October, the Radil Advantage program focuses on just four easy to collect samples and provides results in just four days!

Simple, accurate and fast, the Radil Advantage program tests for viruses, bacteria and parasites without shipping live animals by utilizing Real-Time PCR-based technology and antibody detection in one powerful program for optimal animal health monitoring. 
Microbiome Analysis

Two mice look identical on the outside -- but what about their microbiome?  What you can’t tell by looking are similarities or differences in their enteric microbiome.  Now you can with IDEXX BioResearch’s Microbiome Analysis.  The Microbiome screen includes:
  • DNA Isolation – from all bacteria in a fecal sample
  • Deep Sequencing – generates 200-500 megabases of sequence
  • Data Comparison & Analysis – our informatics provide a comparative analysis to known bacterial sequences
  • Bacterial Identification – Identifies all bacteria present and their relative abundance

For more information about incorporating either of these new service types in your program, contact us at 1-800-669-0825 or by email at
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March 16th, 2015

Ask IDEXX BioResearch
Ask IDEXX BioResearch Scientists

Q In light of the advent of Opti-Spot and other antemortem testing capabilities, what's the possibility of maintaining our sentinel mice longer?

A.  Recent studies conducted by IDEXX BioResearch in Columbia indicate that adult mice are comparable to weanling mice for detection of viral, bacterial and parasite infections in mice.  This new data indicates that sentinels can be maintained  for a longer period of time without compromising insight into the health status of your program. This option can help reduce costs plus reduce the number of animals used.
Download the IDEXX BioResearch Aged Sentinel Study Summary.  To learn more call 1-800-544-5205 Option 1. Read More!
June 17th, 2015
Setting up a submission is an integral part of diagnostic testing, but submitting online can make that step much easier.  Through the secure, password-protected login, clients may enter submission data quickly and without having to print, fill out, or scan a paper form. For submitters already maintaining sample data in a spreadsheet, setting up the submission is even easier. Just attach the spreadsheet online and skip the data entry for individual sample IDs.

To learn more about Online Submission, download our handy
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