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Streamline your research with our new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software Upgrade.

Check out your new LIMS upgrade software!
We’ve recently updated our LIMS system. The improvements made to our LIMS, enables IDEXX BioResearch to deliver data quickly and in the formats you prefer. We have also significantly improved the invoicing process. Now we’re able to invoice weekly, so that you can manage your research budget and overall lab testing product and services costs more efficiently. 

New Customer Account Set-up
Our hassle-free new account set-up feature sets up your account for you! Simply submit your samples to IDEXX BioResearch Pathology Services for the first time, and your account will be automatically set up for you when your samples arrive at the lab. Within 24 hours of sample receipt, you'll also receive an email that includes your UserID and password.

Contact LIMS support today if you have any questions:

New LIMS Software Update–What’s New!
  •  Increased functionality for submitting samples, viewing results, and reconciling invoices.
  • Now all North American lab locations are operating on the same LIMS system.   
  • Your account will be referenced by your name, which can also be linked to other submitters in your organization easily upon your request.

Submission Forms
We have new Submission Forms below.

> Clinical Samples Inventory Form
Histology Samples Inventory Form

Quoting and Order Submissions
Here are a few new updates that will streamline your order submission process:

  • Interactive submission form formats allow for easier completion.
  • Enter your quote number on the submission form, if available. This quote number will be used for accurate invoicing.
  • Check the appropriate box for Separate Case Per Animal: For a research study where you want all results on a single report, you can select “no". If you require a separate report for individual animal records, please select “yes”. Our Research Support Team (RST) is glad to assist you here or for any special scenarios.

Our Research Support Team (RST) is available to provide additional information on test codes, submission and shipping instructions at any time.

Viewing Results
A results report in .pdf and .xls format will be sent to the contact email on the submission form.

  • To view results online, or to have results sent automatically to other staff members and/or in a different format from our online portal, the RST can provide all your contacts with easy and customizable access. Let us know and we’ll do this for you.
  • Results are available in multiple formats including an .xls spreadsheet, .pdf, .csv, and .html formats. Use the “My Profile” option to select the format you prefer. You may also select the attributes which you would like to see on the email header.
  • All of your individual cases will appear in Case View. For the Study ID to be included on the Case View screen, simply select “Edit List Options” from the lower right corner and select “Study” and “Submit Changes”.
  • All of your Study IDs will appear in Data View under “Facility/Study”. Our Research Support Team can work with you to allow/limit individuals with viewing rights per Study ID.
  • If you have an existing account, please note that "Submit a Case" for Pathology Services functionality is not yet active at this time.  (Note: Submit a Case functionality remains active for our Animal Health Monitoring and Biological Testing Services.)

Here are a few new updates that will streamline your invoicing process:

  • Use the “Bill To” information to have your invoice sent to a central billing contact or office, otherwise, they will be sent directly to you.
  • Invoices will now be available on a weekly basis with submissions grouped per quantity of test/assay.
  • Invoices include one PO per invoice as well as Study ID and Animal ID for each submission.

Thank you for selecting IDEXX BioResearch as your research lab testing service provider and for taking the time to become familiar with our new LIMS Software Upgrade. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We welcome any feedback and look forward to continuing to provide you with the best research lab testing services available.

Request a New

Once you login to the new IDEXX BioResearch LIMS system, you will have the ability to:

  • Update your results delivery preferences
  • Set up access for additional staff to view results
  • Access past results

Request a UserID

If you already have a LIMS UserID, log in here:

 Customer Login 

IDEXX BioResearch
Research Support Team:

Phone: 1 800 544 5205 x2

Prior to each sample shipment, it is helpful to alert us, by calling or by emailing the RST with
the following:

  • Submitter Name
  • Study ID
  • Species
  • Number of Samples
  • Test(s) Requested
  • FedEx Tracking Number

You can also send along a completed copy of the submission form.