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New NIH grant requirement? 

New NIH Grant Requirements?
No Problem!

Get the most comprehensive cell line authentication solution, along with a greater degree of insight and assistance to meet NIH grant requirements. Our Authentication team of experts developed this Guide to assist in your authentication plan compliance. Find everything you need to complete the authentication requirements with confidence.

Cell Line Authentication Guide



Our IDEXX BioResearch Experts
  • Marcus-1.jpg
    Zebrafish Health Monitoring 
    "We have the most comprehensive services in the market my goal is to make them even better."
    Marcus Crim, MS, DVM
    Head of Aquatic Diagnostics and Microbiology Labs
  • Beth Ann Bauer Head of Genetic Services at IDEXX BioResearch

    Cell Line Authentication

    “A decade ago, authentication was a much more challenging proposition.  That’s no longer the case today.  If you start your study with the wrong cell line, you simply can’t recover—the data is wrong. Make sure that you start with the right material.”

    Beth Ann Bauer, DVM, DACLAM
    Head of Genetic Services

  • Robert S. Livingston Head of Molecular Diagnostics at IDEXX BioResearch


    “IMPACT testing has become the standard for protecting your valuable research colony from exposure to viral pathogens that may be present in biological materials.”

    Robert S. Livingston, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
    Head of Molecular Diagnostics